Brown Sugar

27 November 2010 Brown Sugar

brown’ sug’ar

MC Lyte, (Lyte as a Rock),Lauryn Hill,Salt & Pepa ,Rah Digga, Jill Scott, Eryakh Badu,Yazahrah, MJB ,Missy, Total, SWV(ladies that inspire me)

Woman in hip hop, like women in any other heavily influenced male sphere have to carve their path. Prove they are just as good but also prove that they bring something different to the table. Like Sanaa Lathans character in Brown Sugar I fell in love with hip hop at an early age. As an 80’s baby growing up in Brooklyn, New York. Hip hop was all around me. The smells, the sound, the sights of hip hop were as prevalent as bus stops, and bums, & broken things. In NYC we thought we were the Mecca of hip hop and so everything we experienced was Hip Hop to us. Somehow fast forward to 2010 and it seems many of those early experiences no longer guide the music. So I thought back to hip hop in the 90’s when I was old enough to appreciate the culture for myself. I loved Wu Tang I loved Mobb Deep, Lost Boyz, Mos Def, Jay, Biggie, Camp Lo. I wanted to be surrounded by music that was on the same vibe. Enter DJ Bee and fresh radio. Taking all that was awesome that we remembered from the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s and making it FRESH…again. Can we really go back and capture that essence, that origin of hip hop when it was young and new? Nah but we can make it fresh again, we can cherish music that made sense and not just cents. So I decided to call this column Brown Sugar. Brown Sugar is Definition of BROWN SUGAR- soft sugar whose crystals are covered by a film of refined dark syrup. It’s not the original but its better. Brown Sugar is cane sugar mixed with molasses to make it rich, increase the sweetness and the flavor. That’s what Bee is doing he has reached deep in the crates and brought out all that’s good and untapped from that era, and mixed in mixes that capture emotions, feeling and inspirations. Reason 2- The Movie Brown Sugar. That’s a whole ‘nother article on how much I love that movie. So we’ll get back to that one week. Finally I choose it because I think of the mainstream commercial industry as sugar, sweet but missing something, and overall not that good for u. lol Listen to commercial radio long enough and you’ll find something to like about even the wackest song, Why? Cuz you’ve heard that wack song like 30 times for the day. So sad, when there is so much good music out there. So we add the Brown to the sugar and increase the richness by making it more like the original( cane sugar). FR makes me feel like Like being @ a cookout or a cut party. All that good music is supposed 2 do. Makes u think, makes u dance makes u remember good times. All that & more!Plus EmCees!!! I listened 4 about 30 mins & had a steady stream of musical orgasms. This is what’s been missing. I feel like I’m in the pages of a 1990’s Right On issue. One week ALREADY it’s like I’m in my old room w/ RIGHT ON posters & Karl Kani Vest. The New Jack Swing mix got me wanting a leather kangol!!!! And a leather trench to match lol   #newjackswing #freshradio Fresh Radio is Quintessential Saturday music!!!

Kill That Noise & Give me something good, something FRESH. FRESH RADIO-

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  1. Robert WillWork4HipHop Fields   On   November 27, 2010 at 5:46 pm

    I don’t know if there is much more to be said… Ms. Angie covered all the facts in her post. This is the reason in full why I can only see, feel, and want success from #FreshRadio. It is my alternative to the non-lyrical boo haha pop rap of todays industry. Thats why I thank Beezus for putting together his massive collection of music and Arsenal of DJs (SMC, X Factor Djs and all others mixing). Fresh radio to me is the reason HipHop is alive today. They always say you can’t forget where you came from, and Fresh Radio is HipHops reminder.

    Long Live Fresh Radio
    the Pusher @WillWork4HipHop on twitter
    thanks Bee(your DJs favorite DJ)

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