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Brown Sugar: Rudy Currence



Rudy Currence is R&B Royalty

by Angie Cee


I love r&b and soul. It’s the majority of what I listen to. Add a little splash of punk and I’m all in. There was a brief moment after the 90s r&b movement when it seemed like there wasn’t anything new and fresh out there. However the musical landscape is wide open right now and the artists are taking risks, mixing genres and bringing back quality songwriting. South Carolina Native  and Grammy Award winner RUDY CURRENCE is a singer/songwriter/producer doing just that with his latest single “ROYAL BLUE”. Learn more about him in our BROWN SUGAR interview. Be sure to check the links at the bottom for upcoming dates and links to his music.


Brown Sugar As always paying homage to my column’s namesake I like to start interviews with the same question she used in the film “When did you fall in love with hip hop…” in your case let’s sub hip hop for music in general?

Rudy Currence- Since before I can remember… I’ve always loved music. I remember as a child wanting to be better, sing better, play better. That grew into wanting to be a better writer and producer as well. I still feel like a student of music. You should never stop learning.


Brown SugarYour bio calls you a Triple Threat. Producer, Writer, Singer. If you could only do one for the rest of your life which one would it be and why *in my teacher voice* ?

Rudy Currence-I could never choose one. It’s like a parent picking a favorite child. They’re all like siblings, all connected and I love them all equally. I will say that so far, I’ve won a Grammy for my production and been nominated for another Grammy for my writing. So now I’m waiting on my singing to catch up! Lol


Brown SugarFor people not familiar with you as an artist choose three words to describe you and your sound.

Rudy Currence-Timeless, Innovative, Soulful (and Inspiring… I hope! LOL)


Brown Sugar- Talk to me about the cover art for your new single Royal Blue?RoyalBlue

Rudy Currence“Royal Blue” is the first single from my new album, “The Coronation”. Like the album, I wanted Royal Blue (the single and cover art) to have a regal quality but still be creative and fresh. It represents the fact that our generation can identify with being “Kings and Queens” instead of thugs and thots. Also, I aspire to one day be classified as musical royalty. Lastly, the Bible says “If  you be faithful over few things, I (God) will make you ruler over many things. That means that we can all be royal if we stay faithful.

Brown SugarSoul singers/ r&b crooners can be found up and down our social media timelines. What do you bring to the landscape that distinguishes you as an artist?

Rudy Currence-No one can be you, but you… So I bring me. As far as writing, I love to tell stories and talk about subjects we can all relate to, but in an innovative way that no one else is doing. Also, as an indie artist, I’ve learned how to use social media to my advantage. I’m still learning since social media is constantly changing, but it’s definitely become a great promotional platform for me.


Brown SugarHow do  your gospel roots add something to your current content and or musical style?

Rudy Currence- My gospel roots have definitely taught me how to be a better entertainer. In church, you learn how to connect with all types of audience, improvise and give a passionate delivery. I thank my Dad, who is a Pastor in Rock Hill, SC and my Mom who helps manage me for raising my brother, Mykal Star and I in the church. Keeping God first and having a support system helps me to stay grounded. Also my gospel roots have taught me that music is about a message. No matter what I sing, my goal is always to promote positivity and encourage people.


Brown SugarYou get in the studio and get the opportunity to  scroll down Quincy Jones’ contact list. Who would you collab with on that list?

Rudy Currence-Definitely, the late GREAT Michael Jackson. RIP


Brown Sugar- You already have a pretty amazing musical career. Great collaborations and a Grammy win and an additional nomination. What else is on the horizon  for you sir?

Rudy Currence-I plan to release a lot more music. I want to continue to write and produce for other artists. I would love to write and produce more for Commercials, TV and Film. I really hope to tour internationally soon and I’d love to get into acting as well. Basically, I wanna take over the world. lol Thank you for allowing me this platform!

Brown Sugar No doubt, my pleasure.


Brown Sugar is written by Angie Cee for Fresh Radio. Email @abitofbrownsugar for interview, event coverage and reviews. Follow online IG- @abitofbrownsugar twitter- @abitofbrownsugaIMG_1632

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Links to Royal Blue:

Get “Royal Blue” on iTunes NOW!



Get “Royal Blue” on GooglePlay NOW!



Rudy Currence | “Royal Blue” Lyric Video


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“You now about to witness the strength of street knowledge”

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EARGASMS SUPPLIED MONTHLY- Expectations of Sweat and nostalgia are mandatory *Girl 6 Voice*    – Angie Cee


Cup in hand, hips in motion, other hand in the air, eyes glued on DJ. I could be describing any night out in america except I’m not. Because at this event the DJ is spinning vintage hip hop and soul cuts while the 30 and over crew vibes out. There are a group of vinyl (repeat slowly viiinallll- the digital record’s grandma) loving music enthusiasts changing the landscape of nightlife. At these parties you’ll find folks rapping and singing along to classics from the 1970s- to the early 2000s, and on a good night they dance the steps as seen in the music video for their favorite song. It’s amazing and nothing like the typical club experience. My go to source for this experience is typically Fresh Radio’s Fresh Fridays in Virginia. But recently the Fresh Radio crew took a trip down to the A. On a hot July night  in Atlanta two deejays at the forefront of this music lovers movement combine superpowers. DJ Bee, Fresh Radio founder and creator of Fresh Fridays traveled down to celebrate DJ Jaycee’s (v103 & Fresh Radio)  birthday. The events was Eargasms: Cancer Season 2. Music & turntablism lovers were in the building for sure. Eargasms, Jaycee’s brainchild, is a monthly ode to good music and real deejaying held out at The Sound Table on Edgewood. While each month has a different theme partygoers can expect an amazing array of tunes from deep in the crate. You know the classic cuts. Jaycee was the featured guest last year at DJ Bee’s 40th Fresh Friday Birthday party so it was only right that Bee spin for Jaycee’s birthday this year.


People gathered from all over the Atlanta Metro area, Charlotte, New Orleans, and of course VA and the event was packed wall to wall. Bee played everything from Biz Markie  to Nirvana to Michael Jackson while ATL’s DJ Applejac held down the mic. Some of those classic soul cuts Beesus spins end up being  extra familiar when the audience slowly realizes it’s the sample that a hip hop track is built around. For example, Bee played Creative Source’s  1975 joint “I Just Can’t See Myself Without You”  into Freeway’s “What We Do” which samples the 70s classic. What We Do is a Fresh Radio anthem by the way. The crowd of course went nuts. Moments like that involve, transition, thought, mixing, reading the crowd and more. For deejays like Jaycee and Bee this is what they breathe. They live for moments where they can teach a mini Hip Hop Soul history lesson without the crowd missing a beat. It’s magic and that night at Eargasms had so many moments like that.


Later in the night when the birthday guy took over the mic to thank the crowd and salute Bee he shared from the heart about his love for music and  the art of turntablism. I asked DJ Bee to describe how nights like that feel he responded “It’s always good to play in front of people that just want to hear me rock! Not expect me to play something or request, but trust me to keep them moving and happy enough to forget their troubles temporarily!”. That pretty much sums it up. If either of these events are happening in your area be sure to get your tickets. And if the TWO of them are ever rocking the tables TOGETHER get your tickets EARLYYYYYY and make sure your phone is charged lol . It’s great to know that those born in the 60s, 70s and 80s can find an outlet to party, rap, dance, laugh, and sing off key loudly with like minded folks. Eargams and Fresh Fridays provide a very necessary alternate nightlife experience for people. For more info on either event series check the links below.


Event Info- https://www.facebook.com/EargasmsATL & http://itsfreshradio.com/events/


Follow- DJ Bee on twitter/IG @djbeeonline Jaycee twitter @djjaycee


Brown Sugar is written by Angie Cee for Fresh Radio- Twitter @abitofbrownsuga IG @bkbrownsuga Email abitofbrownsugar@gmail.com for event coverage, interview requests and more.


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