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Brown Sugar with Angie Cee (BK to QC) #Eargasms



EARGASMS SUPPLIED MONTHLY- Expectations of Sweat and nostalgia are mandatory *Girl 6 Voice*    – Angie Cee


Cup in hand, hips in motion, other hand in the air, eyes glued on DJ. I could be describing any night out in america except I’m not. Because at this event the DJ is spinning vintage hip hop and soul cuts while the 30 and over crew vibes out. There are a group of vinyl (repeat slowly viiinallll- the digital record’s grandma) loving music enthusiasts changing the landscape of nightlife. At these parties you’ll find folks rapping and singing along to classics from the 1970s- to the early 2000s, and on a good night they dance the steps as seen in the music video for their favorite song. It’s amazing and nothing like the typical club experience. My go to source for this experience is typically Fresh Radio’s Fresh Fridays in Virginia. But recently the Fresh Radio crew took a trip down to the A. On a hot July night  in Atlanta two deejays at the forefront of this music lovers movement combine superpowers. DJ Bee, Fresh Radio founder and creator of Fresh Fridays traveled down to celebrate DJ Jaycee’s (v103 & Fresh Radio)  birthday. The events was Eargasms: Cancer Season 2. Music & turntablism lovers were in the building for sure. Eargasms, Jaycee’s brainchild, is a monthly ode to good music and real deejaying held out at The Sound Table on Edgewood. While each month has a different theme partygoers can expect an amazing array of tunes from deep in the crate. You know the classic cuts. Jaycee was the featured guest last year at DJ Bee’s 40th Fresh Friday Birthday party so it was only right that Bee spin for Jaycee’s birthday this year.


People gathered from all over the Atlanta Metro area, Charlotte, New Orleans, and of course VA and the event was packed wall to wall. Bee played everything from Biz Markie  to Nirvana to Michael Jackson while ATL’s DJ Applejac held down the mic. Some of those classic soul cuts Beesus spins end up being  extra familiar when the audience slowly realizes it’s the sample that a hip hop track is built around. For example, Bee played Creative Source’s  1975 joint “I Just Can’t See Myself Without You”  into Freeway’s “What We Do” which samples the 70s classic. What We Do is a Fresh Radio anthem by the way. The crowd of course went nuts. Moments like that involve, transition, thought, mixing, reading the crowd and more. For deejays like Jaycee and Bee this is what they breathe. They live for moments where they can teach a mini Hip Hop Soul history lesson without the crowd missing a beat. It’s magic and that night at Eargasms had so many moments like that.


Later in the night when the birthday guy took over the mic to thank the crowd and salute Bee he shared from the heart about his love for music and  the art of turntablism. I asked DJ Bee to describe how nights like that feel he responded “It’s always good to play in front of people that just want to hear me rock! Not expect me to play something or request, but trust me to keep them moving and happy enough to forget their troubles temporarily!”. That pretty much sums it up. If either of these events are happening in your area be sure to get your tickets. And if the TWO of them are ever rocking the tables TOGETHER get your tickets EARLYYYYYY and make sure your phone is charged lol . It’s great to know that those born in the 60s, 70s and 80s can find an outlet to party, rap, dance, laugh, and sing off key loudly with like minded folks. Eargams and Fresh Fridays provide a very necessary alternate nightlife experience for people. For more info on either event series check the links below.


Event Info- &


Follow- DJ Bee on twitter/IG @djbeeonline Jaycee twitter @djjaycee


Brown Sugar is written by Angie Cee for Fresh Radio- Twitter @abitofbrownsuga IG @bkbrownsuga Email for event coverage, interview requests and more.


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Brown Sugar: Bricks over Bodies? Bodies over Bricks!



Reflections on the effects of capitalism and latent puritanism on the working class and the accused.

Brown Sugar- is written by Angie Cee for Fresh Radio


Some in our society are more outraged over the destruction of buildings than they are about the state sanctioned destruction of human lives. Like, how did we get here? I took a trip through my thoughts to examine a few possibilities. Some violence is okay in our society, some groups are allowed to respond with rage. However we have never been, we’re told violence is not a solution and that it is counterproductive. Last time I checked no one was spitting that rhetoric at the Dept of Defense but ok. When we watch footage from the 1950’s and 1960’s local and federal officials loveeeeeeeed to tell African Americans not to gather and not to march and not to fight back. However I missed when they gave that message to the Klan and other citizens who were actively murdering and terrorizing us. But we gotta chill? I feel like the narrative hasn’t changed much. We need to calm down but no one is telling police forces hey maybe you shouldn’t be so quick to harass, chase down and shoot people huh? Why because I realized people largely believe we deserve it. They are blind and dumb to the fact that we are targeted and wrongfully arrested on a frequent basis. When you hear people say well if you don’t want to get shot don’t run from the police, you just gotta take a moment and unpack what they’re really saying and thinking there. The fact that we have to share the world with such ignorance and disregard for the truth is enough to make you want to HOLLER. I feel like I’m pretty much alternating between different shades of anger with bursts of happy and chill. That’s not healthy. So l decided to write to vent some of my frustration and help myself sort through the madness.


I’ve been in deep thought since we lost Trayvon Martin. I’ve experienced collective trauma with my social media community with each woman and man lost at the hands of law enforcement and otherwise. I’ve examined events and reactions with the twitters, rebutted folks who have all kinds ideas about violence, racism, and other related issues. Basically I’m tired. Tired and angry. The people on the ground in these cities and online are tired and angry. The families and the communities who lost these brothers and sisters are TIRED and ANGRY and NUMB all at once. But there are many people online and on the news who don’t “understand” our anger and our rage. Then there are those who understand but don’t think violence is a valid response. Here’s the thing, I think it’s possible to vary our responses to these atrocities. So I say express the rage and while that’s happening if you wanna pray then pray. And while we’re at it, if you think the community should organize and contact legislature then do allllll of that. We don’t have to diss one to give value to another, they are all NECESSARY.My Photo

Look at the statistics for Freddie Gray’s Baltimore neighborhood. Besides excessive policing these neighborhoods rarely receive any support from the cities they live in. It’s criminal. On top of this layer racism and years of discrimination and you have rage that has been simmering for centuries. Why are the people of Baltimore so angry? The real question is why aren’t you JUST as angry?  If you know me then you know violence is NOT my default. And while I’m not personally violent I will by no means tell people that their violence is counterproductive or that people in power will take them less serious because of it. That’s nonsense in my opinion. ( I mean the majority of businesses and corporations have insurance, so really we’re upset about the appearance of destruction and the inconvenience of it all?) It just seems to me like someone is always concerned with our violence and not the violence being perpetrated on us. The violence that seems state sanctioned and all too common. The violence that we are reacting to seems to be brushed over and explained away. And really it’s time we find a way (or a few ways) to combat the root causes of our protests and our rage. Build, march, rage, post, legislate, petition, and yes PRAY.

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Brown Sugar is written by Angie Cee for Contact for event coverage, interviews, reviews and more. Follow on Twitter @abitofbrownsugar IG @bitofbrownsuga



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2014 #BrownSugarApproved Albums by @abitofbrownsuga



2014 #BrownSugarApproved Albums!unnamed (23)
I listen to a lot of music. That is an understatement but it will do. From Hip Hop to Rock Soul to things that don’t have genres I’m pretty much listening to music all day. Here’s my wrap up of the Brown Sugar Approved albums from the year that was 2014.

Jean Grae # 5– If your rap name is a super hero then you should be pretty frickin amazing. Jean is my friend in my head and she’s in my Top 5. In 2014 she made inroads into everything from comedy, to starting a cooking column on Jezebel’s website. I’m a fan of this lady’s brain. Just when you thought she was done showing us her layers of awesome out came # 5. 5 is an EP of sexy time music where Jean was SINGING, and singing well. I like # 5 and I think you’ll dig it too.
Faves- Underneath You, and Nuthin were stand outs for me.

Condola & The Stoop Kids The Letter 9– Clair Huxtable’s daughter Condola Rashad is a thespian and a dope singer. She released a funky rock soul album this year and it got plenty plays on my ipod. I loved the theatrical nature of some of the songs. The intro is vocally genius and the whole project felt like she was having a really good time. Great writing and relevant subject matter. I’m here for it.
Faves- Stoop Kids Intro, Hej Hej, & Pictures Don’t Lie.
LeCrae’s Anomaly- I wrote on piece on LeCrae shortly after his first 106&Park appearance. I stated that his brand of hip hop was necessary on the current landscape. So when Anomaly was released I picked it up thinking it would be cool but the album exceeded my expectations. The tracks take the listener to the intersection of social justice and self-improvement. It’s great to get you hyped, it puts you in deep though plus I can play the whole album in my classroom, always a win.
Faves- Welcome To America, All I Need Is You, & Broken featuring Kari Jobe

Algebra Blessett’s Recovery- Her debut Purpose has been in my permanent rotation for years. So when I learned there was a new album coming out I was torn, I wanted it to be amazing but I wondered if I would connect with it like I did the 1st album. I gave it a Brown Sugar listening party to see how it was. I dug it. I like when artists take time to experience life and develop music rather than just pump out studio crap to have a presence. Algebra has an authentic and loyal fan base and we appreciated what came from Recovery. It’s r&b, it’s soul and it’s awesome.
Faves- Writer’s Block, Paper Heart, & I’ll Be Ok.
9th Wonder Presents Jamla is The Squad- Somehow between being a Harvard Fellow and now teaching at NCCU producer and DJ 9th Wonder put together a compilation of dope emcees & singers from his Jamla label and elsewhere. Really nice riding music.
Faves- Be Inspired (Pete Rock, LeCrae, & RAPSODY) ,Love Unconditional (Heather Victoria & Jadakiss), & God Willin (Actual Proof & TP)

Pharrell Williams’ GIRL – VA’s golden one did not disappoint with an album that was hip hop at its heart re: content and sampling but packaged in Pharrell’s own genre, a little R&B, a little electronica, all dope. This album also holds my most played track of the year LOST QUEEN. And sidenote I never tired of hearing Happy, cuz if we let trap music nonsense play 30 times a day then we can let this song with a great message that makes people smile get some spins and not crap on it.
Faves- Lost Queen, Brand New featuring Justin Timberlake, Know Who You Are featuring A Keys.

Elevation Worship’s Wake Up The Wonder- Live from the Hornets’ newly redesigned Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte Elevation Church recorded an album of original tunes from their amazing writers and musicians. I was at the recording and loved the songs and the vibe, I couldn’t wait to preorder the album. Listening to it is like reliving the experience, super uplifting and transcendent. Singer/Songwriter type tunes & Rock music with heart and soul.
Faves- The King Is Among Us, & Ever Glorious, Look How He Lifted Me.

Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings’ Give The People What They Want- Heard this playing at Starbucks and fell in love. It’s big band brass, it’s New Orleans, it’s real hard singing about heartbreak and love, and everything in between. I still need to see her and the band live. If I were a rapper trust and believe I’d be sampling a few of these tracks. So so good.
Faves- Stranger to My Happiness, Making Up and Breaking Up, Retreat

Sam Smith’s In The Lonely Hour- I kept singing Stay With Me, like nonstop lol. I decided on a whim to see if the rest of the album was as catchy. Given I love some Adele and Emeli Sande it was easy to assume I’d dig the album. In The Lonely Hour did not disappoint. Writing and Vocal win, happy for him and his success.
Faves- Latch featuring Disclosure (not on the actual album but sooooo dope compared to the acoustic version), Stay With Me, & Restart

Honorable Mentions and Addendum
-Aloe Blacc’s Lift Your Sprit, Fred Hammond’s I Will Trust, and finally The Roots’ …and then you shoot your cousin. Cool enough to purchase but I need to spend some more time with them before I welcome them into the cannon.
-Beyonce’s self-titled album is not in this list because it came out at the end of 2013 but you know I’m here for the Queen and played lots and lots of her music lol
-Mali Music’s Mali Is album was a late addition to my ipod this year but I really really like it. So if you need some introspective writing and crazy vocals listen to Ready Aim, Fight For You, Heavy Love. I likes a lot.

Okay so of course after writing this piece I want to go listen to all of this all over again. Ha. More Brown Sugar in 2015, hopefully. Be sure to check the #brownsugarapproved hastag on IG for my picks of music, and film and stuff throughout the year.
Brown Sugar is written by Andrea Michele/Angie C for Fresh Radio. Follow IG @bitofbrownsuga twitter @abitofbrownsuga and like our fb page-
Email abitofbrownsugar@gmail for requests.

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